Thursday, February 15, 2018

5th Stock Certificate Acquired - Dated February 2, 1916

Friends of the SALT TRAM 
February 2, 1916: We are pleased to announce the acquisition of another Saline Valley Salt Co. stock certificate dated February 2, 1916, and issued to a "S. Bejack". This particular stock certificate is currently still in private ownership, but we were allowed to do a high resolution scan of it for our records.

First, take a look at the front and the back and get a good look at this piece of Salt Tram History (click to enlarge). I hope to do a deeper analysis of this stock certificate shortly.

Issued to "S. Bejack", Feb 2 1916: It was either "Bijack" or "Bejack". Initially, it seemed there was an ink "dotted I" above the 2nd letter "i", but alas, a search of ancestory dot com revealed that there are basically no "Bijack" surnames in the USA. However, there are many "Bejacks" and they are clustered in - wait - Tennessee (where most Salt Tram investors lived!). Bingo. Check this link:

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