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Salt Tram Stuff You Can Buy: 1912 Report to Shareholders

Friends of the SALT TRAM 
Now available to the public in its first printing since 1912, this September 1912 report by J. A. Goodman is available for $10 including shipping. The Waag Bros. sell the book at their cost as a tribute to the second Salt Tram President, J. A. Goodman (who succeeded original President White Smith). Please email us at to order your book for $10 including shipping. Read about the acquisition of this report by clicking hereClick on images below to enlarge.
Above: This booklet is available for purchase at the Eastern California Museum located in Independence, California. Photo above shows the Display Version of this document in the museum bookstore (alongside "Riding the High Wire" by Robert Trennert - all above tramways of the old west).

Some information about this booklet: This 28-page report provides important historical context for the construction of White Smith’s Amazing Salt Tram. The tram is located in Inyo County, California, and transported salt from “Salt Lake” in Saline Valley, up and over the crest of the Inyo Mountains, and down into Owens Valley. The tram first started operations in July, 1913 (10 months after this report was issued) and operated off and on until 1932, but never managed to make a profit.

J. A. Goodman Report: Table of Contents
This document contains 9 text headings that are identified below, along with their page numbers. 
1. To Stockholder Addressed - page 5
2. Tramway - page 5
3. Work Accomplished On The Salt Field - page 6
4. Class of Men Working On The Tramway - page 11
5. Work In Office - page 12
6. Attended Board Meeting - page 12
7. Propositions To Sell The Entire Field - page 18
8. Other Thoughts For Consideration - page 23
9. Purchase of Stock - page 24

This booklet contains report text, along with 8 original photo reports. Also included in the report is commentary from the Waag Bros. regarding the meaning of this critical document.

When this report was issued in September of 1912, the completion of the Saline Valley Salt Co.’s grand and glorious Salt Tram was still 10 months away. As such, the Goodman report provides rare insight into the thinking of the Salt Co.’s management and promoters during this critical final construction phase. You will definitely want to read this report!

Above: One of 8 unique Salt Tram photos contained in the booklet - photo by J. A. Goodman. Click to enlarge.
Above: Back Cover of the booklet providing some commentary on this Report by the Waag Bros. click to enlarge.
Above: A page from the Diary of Salt Tram Builder Henry Clifton Patterson. The entry dated Saturday, September 28, 1912 reads as follows: "Started on Station #8. Earl (Cliff's brother) came back & White Smith with a bunch of Gazoboes came up from Saline". This entry confirms the visit of J. A. Goodman for purposes of generated this report. Diarist Cliff often referred to the Tennessee Investors by what can only be described as derogatory terms.

Order your September 1912 J. A. Goodman report now by emailing to
We will mail you the book, along with a return payment envelope - just send us the payment after you have received this rare Salt Tram Report booklet.
Above: Tim displays an article on A. A. Forbes in the Inyo Register (written by Jon Klusmire about the Waag Bros. research into pioneer photographer A. A. Forbes), while the J. A. Goodman Salt Tram Booklet is seen right above it. Click to enlarge.

Our thanks go out to Coreen Conner of Highland, California, for the donation of this unique, rare and informative booklet! It now resides where it should be: in the Eastern California Museum in Independence, California! Ms. Conner has been mailed a copy of this booklet as a measure of thanks for her contribution to our Salt Tram investigation.

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    Thank You for the copy of Great Grandfather's Stock Report. I am happy to hear it will benefit the museum. It was a great surprise to see it in print and I hope it sells well.

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