Saturday, February 8, 2014

Git Yer Salt Tram T-shirts - While They Last!

Salt Tram T-Shirts All Sold Out! 
Putting in an order for More - Stay Tuned!
Just send an email to with your emailing address and will let you know when the next batch has been printed and ready! We are making some small changes to the one color front, but no changes to the back. New look for the front below (light tan instead of white, larger front logo that is higher up on the shirt).

You can mail back payment in the envelope we send with the shirt! Note that we sell them at our cost, and as soon as these are sold out, we'll be ordering a new batch - this time with more long sleeve shirts, which have been more popular than we expected!

First Batch of Shirts (below):

The New Batch - coming soon (below). Color didn't quite come out right in the photo below - I did it in photoshop, but the real shirt will be light tan. Get your orders in now by emailing Tim at

The Back of the Shirt will stay the same (below):
Above: Tim and Tracy model the awesome, unique and one-of-a-kind Saline Valley Salt Tram T-shirts, with a reproduction of the Corporate Seal art that was taken off the original Salt Tram stock certificate. Get one just in time for Christmas, or whatever! Have fun and enjoy your shirt!


  1. Tim, I loved every single item in that box! [2 Salt Tram T-Shirts, Diary of Henry Clifton Patterson, 1920 Salt Tram Stock Certificate - copy]. --AP

  2. Tee shirt would be MUCH better without the Waag graphics on the front...maybe a pocket or a smaller Tram logo.

  3. Said the "anonymous" commenter who would not reveal their name! Brian and I like it, so there! :-)