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Above (click to enlarge): Rotating historical photo. Courtesy of the Eastern California Museum. Leschen rope company did not build the Salt Tram, but was believed to have supplied the cables (aka "rope") for the Salt Tram.
Above: double image. Top image was taken in 2014. Bottom image was taken in 1913. Bottom image shows Salt Tram diarist Henry Clifton Patterson posing at his control station along the tramway - the only known photo of "Cliff" at the Salt Tram. The top image shows Mark standing in the same location as Cliff 101 years later. The colored dots in both photos match the identical parts of the control station - cool. Thanks for the help, Mark.

What is a Salt Tram? If you are new to this website and asking yourself, "What is a Salt Tram, and why should I care?", then you want to click on the "Welcome" link below for a brief introduction, then come back to the home page and pick a salt tram topic of interest to explore further. Our research into the Salt Tram is ongoing, and we solicit your input and help in this endeaver. We encourage you to make comments on any given salt tram topic, as it helps us in our research and the quality of the site. Thank-you!
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People of the Salt Tram
Diary of Henry Clifton Patterson
Salt Tram Pre-Construction Work and Planning
Selling the Salt Tram to Investors
Construction of the Salt Tram
Electrical Systems
Operation of the Salt Tram
Operation of the Salt Tram: Back Traffic
Loading Station Site
Summit Station and Cabin Site
Discharge Station
Station Analysis: East Side (Section I, II and III)
Station Analysis: Summit Station
Station Analysis: West Side (Section IV and V)
Document Analysis
Periodical Search
Firsthand Accounts (Modern Era)
The Later Years: Sierra Salt Co.
The Much LaterYears: After Salt Mining Ended
Miscellaneous Salt Tram
Visits to the Salt Tram
     May, 2010 Field Report 
      November 2010 Field Report
Salt Tram Presentations
Sites and Stories Related to the Salt Tram
Other Tramways (1900 - 1930)
Links to Other Saline Valley Salt Tram Websites
Links to our Other Favorite Desert Stuff 
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